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We act with destination of assistance for small investors, who can't afford  a full service investment unlike operating in the construction and design big companies.

The entire investment process is a series of complex actions, which each investor must accomplish personally or with the aid of his own choice of professionals. In order to execute them properly or keep an eye on proper performance the realization of the entire task should be properly planned. On site you will find inter alia:

1.      Proposals of selection of thousands of recurrent projects from various cooperating offices.[współpraca]

2.      Helpful materials at cost estimating or task estimate enumeration.[pomoc]

3.      Helpful templates and patterns.[pomoc]

4.      Links to other sites about  necessary themes when investing.[współpraca]

5.      Interesting details concerning construction.[ciekawostki]

6.      Helpful formal-legal regulations.[prawo]

7.      Articles ads, current news.[aktualności]


The procedures of public - orders are separate element, to which institutions of public finance are obligated to. In this topic on site there are also suitable references.

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What do we offer...

1.      One of the many recurrent projects every type to choose at companies, which we cooperate with.[współpraca]

2.      Individual projects for smaller investments, made according to customers' expectations as to the architecture as well construction and technology of execution.

3.      Investment and offer cost estimates made on the basis of current average national prices according to Documentation sent to/or done by us.

4.      Construction management for smaller tasks in Leżajsk district.

5.      Facilities technical inspections.

6.      Conduct of investment processes for small investors from the beginning of the process (idea) to obtain final permits

7.      Preparation and leading the proceedings to grant public orders with preparation of  documentation.

8.      Technical mediation and counseling in range of investment tasks.


However correspondence only in polish language.



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